It's easy and simple and gets the job done with flying colors. This is what we thought of the Weebly website builder

Weebly Website Builder




User Friendly









  • Simple to use drag & drop editor
  • Pre-designed layout options
  • Access to HTML & CSS
  • The app center


  • Not enough theme customization options
  • Can't add custom functionality
  • Not enough blog options

Just like other website builders, Weebly does its job just like it was intended. Website builders are intended for people that have no knowledge with code and need a simple yet efficient way to create their website. These type of sites could cater to designers but not only, they are a perfect match for any business owner or entrepreneur. In today’s day and age, lots of us have read many articles about people that work from home and make loads of money on the internet every month. These articles get people really interested and they start looking for places that they can create a simple website for cheap or even for free.  Here is another very popular place where website builders like Weebly come in to play.  They are cheap, simple to use and you don’t need any experience what so ever to get your site up and running. Weebly fits into this category perfectly.

How Weebly Works

We can talk about website builders all day but the most important thing is to see it in action. Below you can watch the official Beginner’s Guide to Weebly to understand what we’re talking about.

What Types of Websites is Weebly Good For?

As we wrote above, Weebly is a great option for individuals that want to make some money on the internet and don’t have enough money to pay a developer a few thousand dollars. But except for that, there are lots of types of websites that can benefit from building their website with Weebly.  Here are some examples:

  • Small businesses (agencies, stores, bakeries, restaurants, etc.)
  • Designers (web, fashion, etc.)
  • Photographers – you can showcase your latest work, perfectly.
  • Personal blogs
  • Celebrity blogs
  • eCommerce stores that aren’t planning on huge promotions

Weebly Themes

Weebly themes

Pro Tip: Unlike a lot of other website builders, Weebly enables its users to manually amend the theme’s CSS & HTML. If you know a bit of code or want to hire someone to fix up some parts – it’s totally possible!

Weebly has a whole lot of built-in themes that you can choose from. As you can see from the image above, the themes are categorizes by type to make it easy for you to navigate between them. One huge advantage here that most website builders don’t have is the ability to add external themes. There are several external vendors that sell Weebly themes for very affordable prices. Here is one popular one.

Weebly Pricing

weebly pricing

As you can see, there is a whole lot that you can get when signing up to Weebly. Like with some other website builders, Weebly has a free option though it displays ads on your site and you don’t have your own domain.

  • All paid options have unlimited storage which is great
  • All paid options hide ads
  • All paid options have site stats
  • Pro & business have site search
  • Pro & business have password protection available
  • Pro & business have video backgrounds
  • Pro & business have HD video and audio
  • Pro has 100 member limit, Business has unlimited members
  • Business is the only option that has membership registration
  • All paid options have eCommerce though there are differences. Business is most serious
  • All options have SEO & lead forms enabled
  • All options have forumm chat and email support
  • Pro & business have phone support too


Enhance Weebly with the App Center

weebly app center

The app center is one of the most impressive features Weebly has to offer. While the actual website building platform is considerably minimal and doesn’t bloat you with features, it still has the ability to. The Weebly app center contains many external apps that can help you enhance your website. Some of the apps are built by Weebly themselves, however a whole lot of them are built by third party developers and they are all consistent with the Weebly code. There are several categories of apps:

  1. eCommerce (shipping options, stats, reporting etc.)
  2. Communication (such as forms, polls, live chat, etc.)
  3. Marketing (advertising, email marketing, SEO)
  4. Social (forums, image feeds, social buttons, reviews & testimonials)
  5. Site tools and features (many general features such as bookings, counters, FAQ and much more)

Weebly SEO

Weebly offers you all the main features of SEO. You can choose a pretty link, add meta title and meta description and more. See everything here.


CMS Detect Verdict

admittedly Weebly used to not be one of our favorite website builders a few years back. However, Weebly has done a tremendous job in turning its website building platform one of the top 3 builders you can find. They have all the features that make a website builder great. If you decide to build your next site with a website builder, Weebly should really be a high contender.

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