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7% of sites detected by us use Wix.

About Wix

Wix is a well known website building platform which was established in Israel and is now used world wide by millions. Wix's platform makes it easy for non savvy techies or non developers to build a beautiful website without writing a line of code. Wix's builder is used as a drag & drop which makes the development process very easy. As you can see below, Wix.com has many pre-made templates which you can use in case you are not much of a designer.

Wix Prices:


Wix Prices


As you can see, there are 5 different pricing methods, all of which are pretty reasonable. However, if you don't need your own domain and you don't mind having an ad on your page - there is a free option too.

Wix gives you everything you need for a stunning website - FREE Drag 'n Drop editor, unlimited pages, 500 MB storage, secure hosting and a mobile site. Choose to upgrade your site with a Premium Plan and get even more.

Top Wix Templates

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