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About isn't really considered a CMS per se' but just more of a website building platform (as its name suggests). is mainly built for non savvy users that just need an easy to use platform that will enable them to build a new website without putting too much work into it. For those sorts of people, is a great solution. Here are the main features they offer:

  • Domain name
  • Email address
  • Thousands of free design templates
  • A drag and drop website editor

The website building process is pretty easy on They have a 3 stage process to make it easy on you.

  1. First of all you get to choose a template as described above. They have over 10,000 different templates so just search for something that fits your business' niche and choose it
  2. Choose a new domain name for your new website
  3. Publish your newly built website

SiteBuilder Prices

Sitebuilder prices

Starter Plan

Just like many other website building platforms, such as Wix and others, Sitebuilder too has a free option which gives you the basics except it doesn't give you a domain name and it adds ads on your page. Meaning, your site will be on a Sitebuilder subdomain and you won't have your own domain name to show off to clients. Besides, you will have ads on YOUR website. So, while it's a nice feature to have - it's not really what most people need.

Personal Plan

The next option is the "personal" plan which does include a free domain name in it and the ads are removed. However, this option does host your website for a very cheap price and gives you their drag and drop website builder, the ability to choose a template and their entire infrastructure - but you don't get an email address so think hard if this will work for you. This option costs $8.99 a month (billed annually).

Pro Plan

This plan DOES give you an email address and costs only $4.99 a month (billed annually) which if you are paying attention raises a few eyebrows as to why the "personal" plan even exists.

Premium Plan

This plan has a couple of interesting additions. First of all you get some SEO (search engine optimization) tools, so if you are serious about potential clients finding your business, this is really important. The second is priority support available from the "premium plan" and up.

eCommerce Plan

This plan is pretty self explanitory but in any case, here you get everything you can get in the "premium" plan only here you have the ability to create a fully functional eCommerce online store.

available on chrome
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