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About Strikingly

Strikingly is a well known online website building tool. It has been featured on many of the well respected magazines in the world such as:

  • The New York Times
  • Forbes
  • TechCrunch
  • Chicago Tribune
  • Inc.
  • USA Today
  • And more...

Strikingly built a really easy to use tool that makes the task of building an actual website to be an easy one. With Strikingly you no longer have to work directly with a web designer and web developer - here you can just use their drag and drop tool and create a perfectly good website within an hour or two.

Here is a live demonstration of what their tool can do:

Strikingly Features:

Here are Strikingly's main features, keep in mind this tool is created for non savvy users. If you can handle your own with code or just have a good tech ability, you can try out something more advanced such as Wordpress.

  1. Domain name - you can register a brand new domain name directly through Strikingly
  2. Analytics - Strikingly websites come with analytics built in as a default
  3. Create a simple store - you can use the tool to build a simple eCommerce website
  4. Create a simple blog - easy to create a blog post and a blog index page
  5. Contact forms - you can create your own contact forms, newsletter forms etc.

Strikingly Prices (yearly plan)

strikingly price list

Free Plan

Just like other similar sites such as Wix, Strikingly adds their logo to your website on the the free version and limited. Seeing how it's free they can't give you your own domain so you will be using a subdomain. The free version gives you an unlimited amount of sites that you can build, 5 GB of monthly bandwidth, 1 product you can sell on a simple store (per store) and of course 24/7 support.

Limited Plan

Connect your own domain name to your new strikingly website (you can get a new free domain if you purchase a yearly plan instead of monthly. You can build 2 limited sites and unlimited free ones. 50GB monthly bandwidth and 5 products to be sold on each simple store you build. The limited plan costs $8 / month billed yearly

Pro Plan

The Pro plan lets you build 3 pro sites and unlimited free sites. Here too you can get a free domain if you choose the yearly billing option. If you plan on building a store - here you can add up to 300 products which is a huge difference than the limited plan. This plan has a lot of differences, here are some of them:

  1. Add up to 20 different types of pages to your site
  2. Use many options that you can add from the Strikingly app store (maps, buttons etc.)
  3. Enbed code directly to your site
  4. Remove the Strikingly logo from your site

For the 2 year billing option or the monthly option, click here


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